In our grapevine nursery, we offer an extensive collection of over 500 different grape cultivars from around the world.

To successfully grow grapes in a tropical country, one must use the dry periods of each year or manipulate the weather by means of irrigation and cover.

Growing grapes in the tropics is a lucrative investment for growers. The first harvest can be expected as early as 14 months after planting. There is a possibility of two to three harvests per year, depending on the cultivar and location. The yield per hectare per harvest is 15 to 30 tons, depending on the variety. With new resistant/tolerant varieties and rootstock cultivars, it is possible to produce premium fruit in a tropical climate.

The harvest of grapes can be timed at any time of the year, giving the grower the opportunity to sell grapes when there are times of high market demand internationally.

Grapes are a very versatile product. From fresh fruit to wine, juice, raisins, oils, vinegar, and many more value-added possibilities, opportunities abound. The grapevine is a hardy plant that easily reaches more than 100 years of age with the right care.

At Thongkham Estate, we are dedicated to growing only premium produce, and we are leading the way for our international clients with our extensive experience in tropical viticulture and winemaking. We offer a wide selection of cuttings, tropical rootstocks, and pre-grafted vines. Prices depend on order quantity and seasonal availability.

Export or international shipping is available for our certified, disease-free planting materials. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.